Advantage, You

K-Swiss Sublimated Tennis Polo & Combo Woven Short


Lately in Memphis, hot has been much of an understatement. 95°-100°+ temps plus humidity makes stepping outside more akin to stepping into a sauna. Worse yet, trying to play tennis on a court that’s been soaking in the sun for days on end.

When it comes to staying cool while playing summer tennis can be a challenge. Wearing your usual gym shorts and a t-shirt generally doesn’t get the job done. Let’s face it, that shirt you’d wear tooling around the house doesn’t provide adequate ventilation or wick away moisture let alone a heated round of tennis. Luckily there’s plenty of athletic wear out there for just this purpose. Checking in with one of my more favored tennis gear brands I took out the K-Swiss Sublimation Polo and Combo Woven Shorts out for a (top) spin.

I’ve taken the new K-Swiss Sublimation Polo and Combo Woven Short out for quite a few matches this summer. Needless to say, its quite an improvement over any t-shirt and shorts routine I’ve encountered to date. The Sublimated Tennis Polo features mesh inserts in the underarms and back to improve breathability, and help keep you cool while the fabric wicks away moisture. More importantly, it keeps your shirt from sticking to you so you can (try and) bomb your serve like Tommy Haas. Most importantly, the Sublimation Polo has flat seams that prevents chafing after hours of hitting. The last you want after long match is a long rash to go with it.

The lightweight K-Swiss Combo Woven Shorts have an inner mesh lining that keeps you well ventilated and free to run down every last ball. The shorts look great with the right amount of fit and space without sacrificing anything in the looks department. After all, whether you’re trying to take down a buddy or look good in front of the local tennis pro, it’s always good to have gear that serves up an ace.

Cost: Sublimated Polo ($60) | Combo Woven Short ($50)