DIY Interior Bling, Minus the Budget Sting

Vizualogic RoadTrip Universal Dual Headrest DVD System


There once was a time when having TV’s in your car was a feature only the most bejeweled of new money rappers could obtain. It stood as a point of distinction for the bling elite to promote while sloshing champagne over their floor mats, and they never missed an opportunity to let mere mortals like us know it.

As it goes with most things though, clamoring by parents across the country in desperate need of child sedatives on road trips slowly pushed the concept main stream. Now all manner of progeny personnel carriers have integrated TV options available for a reasonable upgrade fee.

Those with older car models however were stuck trawling the Sharper Image catalog for screen toting fanny-pack like eye sores that velcroed to their headrests. While they got the job done, they are assuredly were a far cry from bling. This reality wasn’t lost on budget conscious car enthusiasts looking to “enhance” their whip appeal either.

Vizualogic thankfully has recognized the cries from both sets of interested parties and produced a convenient solution. Their RoadTrip Universal Dual Headrest DVD System is designed to be easily installed by most amateurs over an afternoon without specialized tools. Better yet, the end result rivals expensive custom installations in aesthetics for cars with basic interiors while costing significantly less.


The kit includes two black headrests with integrated 7-inch LCD touch-screen monitors, IR remote, two pairs of wireless headphones, and all the wiring you’ll need to get the job done. Though both units look identical, one actually houses a DVD player and SD card slot, which releases and opens forward by pressing on the screen’s bezel. If black headrests don’t match your cars interior, a pair of tan and grey covers are also included.
Touch sensitivity allows users to easily navigate menus and adjust image quality directly on the screen should the remote go missing. One set of open RCA inputs are also available should you wish to connect a game system.

Though we haven’t installed the system in the GP mobile yet, accounts from buyers seem to indicate that the system delivers on it’s promise of easy installation and good performance for the price.
Just be sure you have a pair of screw drivers, a set of hex key wrenches, needle-nose pliers, a wire stripper, and a set of wiretaps, hand for job.

Editor’s Note: We’d recommend keeping your old headrests around until your absolutely sure you’re pleased with the results, or just in case you see yourself selling down the road.

Via Cnet

Cost: $800