Grilling: Recyclable, Natural, To Go

EZ Grill


National Grilling Month may wrap up today, but there’s plenty of fair weather ahead to lure you and your dining out of doors. Since Gear Patrol readers tend to be an adventurous lot, it might be handy to have a convenient mechanism for grilling up your burgers and brats when you wander out of arms reach from your full-sized flame-chamber. That’s where the EZ Grill comes in.

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The EZ Grill is a portable, all-in-one grilling solution. Basically, it’s a small box (the regular model seems dimensionally resemblant of a medium-sized textbook) that’ll have you up and cooking anywhere in just minutes. Oh yeah, it just so happens to be fully recyclable, as well.

In addition to this eco-bonus, the EZ Grill is fueled by 100% natural charcoal composed from rice, corn, and wheat stalks, using corn starch for binding and mineral oil for ignition. Translation: you can feel good about grilling on the go, as you won’t be infusing your edibles with the funky chemicals found in most charcoals.

The EZ Grill is simple, portable, and effective. Stocking one will have you all set to pull of the road pretty much anywhere, anytime and indulge your craving for bratwursts. How very Euro of you.

Cost: $5 (Reg.) | $10 (Lg.)