Electric Excite Bike

Zero S Electric Motorcycle


Don’t let Tesla drivers have all the fun. The Zero S electric motorcycle is a higher performance street bike that provides instant power and smooth acceleration without any more trips to the gas station. We certainly like the sounds of that.

The Zero S uses a proprietary lithium ion power pack called “Z-Force” that provides 50 miles of distance on less than 4 hours of charge time – less than $0.01 per mile. The aircraft grade alloy twin spar frame ensures superb maneuverability and forgoes the whole “which gear do I choose?” mess with a one-speed clutchless transmission, ensuring instant torque. Max speed is set at 55mph so leave the Ducati Monster racing aspirations in the garage. The Zero S is for the urban rider looking for a smart, economical, yet aggressive supermoto.

Author’s Note: Attention dirt bikers – make sure and check out the Zero X ($7,750), an off road brother to the Zero S.

Cost: $9,950 | Zero X (offroad) $7,750