Tactical Meets Practical

SOG Specialty Knives


The knife is an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. This is certainly true, but a man’s knife is so much more. The honed expression of the simplest machines, a good knife is an ever-ready and infinitely handy companion. Here at Gear Patrol, we believe that a knife can be equal parts evocative and functional. That’s why we like the folks at SOG Specialty Knives so bloody much.

Hit the jump to hear more about SOG and to feast your eyes on some of their fine tac-worthy work. Photos and video await you.

Anchored in Lynnwood, Washington, SOG combines advanced technology, cutting edge designs (pun intended), and and high-quality construction to produce knives and tools that impress even the most discerning critics. Consider us impressed, as well. SOG takes is spiritual parentage and its name from the Studies and Observation Group, a Vietnam era elite joint services covert ops group. The original SOG saw fit to design and fashion their own edged weapons for use in the field, thus they serve as an excellent inspiration for today’s SOG and their offerings.

We’ve had the chance to go hands (and pockets) on with several SOG models, each of which you’ll find detailed below. Here we’re evaluating folding knives, though their catalog includes fixed blades and multitools, as well. To see this lineup in action, be sure to check the video coverage at the end of the review.

sog_vs-02Up first, we’ll have a look at the Visionary II. This knife is a hybrid design, combine the blade design of SOG’s Spec Elite series with the handle found on their incredible Vision. The Visionary II features a 3.75″ blade that holds confidently open on the merits of SOG’s Arc-Lock technology, turning this folder into a virtual fixed blade.

Cost: $170

sog_tf-7Here you’ll see the Trident Tanto in black TiNi dress, one of three finishes available on this model. Like the Visionary II, this knife features a 3.75″ – this time in a straight tanto-point design. The unique feature here is found in the slotted handle, designed to give the wielder the option of cutting things such as paracord or fishing line without having to open the knife. When you do want to bring the full blade to bear, it snaps open confidently by utilizing SOG Assisted Technology (watch the video to see it in action).

Cost: $110

sog_ae-04Seen above is the Aegis in black TiNi with a partially serrated Tanto blade, one of five Aegis configurations available. It offers the same assisted opening as the Trident. This is just a solid, aggressive looking knife. It is beefy without being cumbersome, and the DigiGrip handles offer a sure hold even when wet. Both it and the Trident above feature a safety lock to keep the S.A.T. in check when not in use.

Cost: $110

sog_sogac771Finally, we’ll see the Access Card 2.o in Tactical Black (also available in Practical Satin). This knife is truly unique, thanks to its size. Featuring a 2.75″ razor-sharp straight edge, the Access Card is (appropriately) the same length as a credit card. At only 3/16″ thick it fits easily into your pocket or even your wallet. Each of the three knives above is roughly the same size, this one is obviously much smaller. It’s incredibly strong, despite having been stripped of all superfluous weight, making the Access Card 2.0 the ultimate small blade for use in a pinch.

Cost: $100

For a word on the near indestructibility of a SOG knife, check out this tale submitted by a satisfied owner.

Author’s Note: I love a good knife. Thus, I may be predisposed to enjoy anything with a nice sharp blade, still, I’m legitimately quite impressed with the solid feel of these SOGs. Even better, this obvious quality doesn’t come at the cost of bulk or weightiness. The SOG line gets my hearty recommendation. Check the video below to see for yourself.