Peter Jackson Comes Back to Direct

The Lovely Bones

the_lovely_bones_movie_posterSince the release of King Kong in 2005, over the last 4 years Peter Jackson has taken a brief hiatus from the world of film. District 9, which is now in theaters, finally marked his reintroduction as a producer, but we’ll have to wait until December of this year to see him finally take the helm again as director.

The Lovely Bones is a surprising, yet intriguing, choice for Jackson to tackle and, by the looks of the short trailer, it’s sure to put his name in contention again for the title of best director.

Of course, being based on the critically acclaimed novel written by Alice Sebold and having a cast which includes Mark Walhberg, Rachel Weiss, and Susan Sarandon can’t hurt his efforts. If you’re curious, check out the trailer after the jump and let us know if it looks like something you’ll see come Christmas. Special thanks goes out to Sam H. for bringing this to our attention.