Courtesy Bone Conduction Technology

Finis Aqua Pulse Swimming Heart Rate Monitor

finnis-aqua-pulse-heart-rate-monitor1By Gear Patrol Reader: Mark Vann

In the world of heart rate monitoring, there are a lot of options for runners and terrestrial training. Swimmers, however, are faced with fewer options and more cumbersome equipment. Enter, Finis Aqua Pulse. A heart rate monitor specifically designed for Gear Patrol’s aqua-loving athletes.

Using Bone-Conduction technology, the Finis Aqua Pulse allows swimmers to listen, track, and monitor their heart rate through vibrations in the inner ear. Sounds complicated, but the results are spot on. Engineered specifically for swimmers the Aqua Pulse attaches to the goggle strap with the infrared sensor clipping to the ear-lobe resulting in negligible impact to the swimmer’s routine. Obviously, the unit is completely submersible and adjustable. The Aqua Pulse can measure time periods (20 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec, 1 min, 2 min, 5min increments), instantaneous heart-rate button, volume control, and has an 8-hour lithium ion rechargeable battery.

Cost: $140