One Bag, Many Uses

Go GaGa Messenger Bag


All guys need a bag. That bag can serve a different purposes for each of us, but in the end you need a reliable bag that helps get you through the day. Dusty, needs one to tote his yoga mat and energy water, then subsequently to carry his favorite German lager back home. Eric needs one to carry his laptop and haul shoes for his friend who wants to wear flip-flops to his favorite bar. This author, on the other hand, needs a bag to carry diapers, multiple changes of clothes, and sippy-cups.

If you’re seeking that kind of versatility in a bag, you find it in the Go GaGa product line that can serve all of those purposes and many more. The company’s messenger bag has many cool features that come standard, along with an ample amount of storage space for larger items like laptops.

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A couple of features that make this bag stand out are the two insulated bottle pouches on the outside and how the bag is ergonomically shaped. So, whether you’re lugging a Sigg water bottle or your coffee travel mug, it’ll hold temperature throughout your journey.

In case you have the bag over your shoulder and need to get something out of the Go GaGa, the shape allows for you to do so without having to take it down. That means no more awkward moments in the elevator, monopolizing half the car to get something out of your bag.

Still, the most unique and possibly favorite feature of them all is the patent-pending shoulder strap. Instead of the universal shoulder-biting canvas strap, about half of the strap is comprises of a flexible, elastic material that also expands around the shoulder creating a sling. You can fix the strap where you don’t have to always use it that way but when you do you have a bag that will stay on your shoulder whether you’re riding your bike, bounding through the subway terminal, or trying to carry a two year old around the zoo. The bag is extremely comfortable to carry and its features are really hard to beat. For bonus points, we’d like to point out that the company makes all of its models in Gear Patrol colors. Thanks for thinking of us, Go GaGa.

Cost: $118