Creating panoramic photos with a camera on a tripod and then stitching them together in Photoshop can be rather tedious, to say the least. That has all changed thanks to GigaPan Systems Epic and Epic 100 mounts. Both Epic models are robotic mounts that are derived from the technology used on NASA’s Mars Rover. Step back and watch as the mount automates the snapping of a medley of hundreds (or even thousands) of pictures, shot from perspectives north, south, east, and west. Download the resulting photos to a computer, and the included GigaPan Stitcher software automatically combines the images into a vast, detailed panorama.

gigapan_systems_epic_and_epic_100_tripod_2The Epic can handle digital point and shoot cameras up 111 mm wide and 45 mm deep. The more expensive Epic 100 has expanded tilt and elevation ranges, and will accommodate even larger point and shoots, as well as several DSLRs up to 148 mm wide and 69 mm deep. Compatible DSLRs include the Canon Rebel (300D, 350D, and 400D), Nikon D series (D40, D60, D80, and D90), and those from the Olympus E series (see GigaPan Systms for more compatibility information).

The Epics can be mounted to a tripod, allowing for blur-free landscapes and cityscapes – the possibilities are endless. The resulting panoramas can be embedded into websites and blogs, and GigaPan has their own photo-sharing community. Some panorama examples taken in Chicago may be viewed here, and the band Wilco has a couple of panoramic shots of their recording studio at Impressive. Most impressive.

Cost: $299 & $449 @ GigaPan

Images Taken With Gigapan (via flickr)