Like Having Your Own Personal Masseuse, Only With Less Chit-Chat

Human Touch HT-5040 WholeBody Massage Chair


By now, it’s been firmly established that every man should have a chair to call his own.Your chair should be a place of refuge and respite, ever-waiting to cradle you in its arms at the end of a long day. Unlike the beanbag chairs of your youth or the tattered recliner you salvaged for your frat house, your man chair really should meet your discerning adult standards of aesthetics and decor, as well comfort. It’s tough to find one chair that can do all of those things.

Tough, but not impossible – as I think we’re about to prove. We give you Human Touch. The top U.S. supplier of massage chairs, Human Touch has been in the business of making folks feel good for over 30 years. They offer chairs geared towards therapeutic needs and/or pure relaxation, in a variety of designs that can suit either modern or traditional living spaces.

We had the chance to take one of their latest models, the HT-5040, for a sit over the last few weeks. It’s no coincidence that we’ve spent that time feeling quite sublime. Hit the jump for details and more product shots.

The HT-5040 WholeBody massage chair manages to deftly marry high-tech therapeutic features with an attractive modern design that will fit nearly any home, office, or home office. Offered in three supple designer shades (we sipped Espresso) with contrast stitching, the 5040 is a very handsome unit; it sits atop a sturdy swivel base, allowing for 60 degrees of chair rotation. Aggressively designed armrests add a confident flair. All in all, the HT-5040 makes for an attractive addition to your decor.

human-touch-chair-5040-dusty-overbyOf course, many chairs could fit that bill, thus, it’s the addition of Human Touch’s excellent massaging features that make the 5040 a real contender for your cash and your floor space. The 5040 features three different 15-minute full-body massage programs that integrate its various technical offerings. These include rolling, kneading, percussion, compression, and combination massage techniques. Incredibly, the Human Touch massage has the ability to deliver a powerful massage, while at the same time maintain a great degree of sensitivity. During our testing, a visitor to the GP lab commented that the effect of the HT-5040 was much like “real human hands”. We thought that was just about right, and that the Human Touch system is aptly named.

In addition to the full-body programs, any of the techniques can be isolated and adjusted for folks of varying sizes. The 5040 also offers a unique spine-stretch program that feels much better than its torturous medieval predecessor. The HT-5040 also features a reversible leg-rest that hides a foot and calf massager. This function can be used alone or in conjunction with any of the other massage programs. In our testing, this features powerful rejuvenating effect on your legs can be a real difference maker post-workout or after a run.

Human Touch offers a wide array of other massage chair options, more casual models, zero-gravity recliners, and targeted relief products. During our testing, we became big fans of the HT-5040 for its look and its performance. Its priced squarely in the middle of Human Touch’s other offering, and is more than worthy of your consideration if you’ve been considering a massage chair or just looking for a way to relax. It certainly beats crashing on Don Draper’s undersized loveseat, beverage in hand, at the end of a long day.

Cost: $1,999