Including Period-Appropriate Drink Recipes: Manhattan, Old Fashioned

Primer: Mad Men Season 3


Don Draper is back along with the rest of the Sterling Cooper crew. Hype aside, this show belongs on any respectable man’s DVR schedule. Created by Scott Weiner (of Sopranos fame), Mad Men’s ability to squeeze every last ounce of angst-riddled tension from the 1960’s New York lifestyle is pure (un)adultered television genius.

Mad Men Season 3 premieres this Sunday at 10pm on AMC (and AMC HD), and we’ve put together a quick Gear Patrol primer to get you, well, in the mood. Photos of January Jones the show (courtesy AMC), the full episode finale, and a season 2 recap. We’ve also asked the folks at Knob Creek to provide recipes for two classic drinks oft seen on Mad Men: The Classic Manhattan and an Old Fashioned. They’ve kindly obliged, and we fully endorse sipping these beverages during your viewing.

Check it all out after the jump.

Mad Men Season 3 Gallery

All photos by Frank Ockenfels, III

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Mad Men Season 2 Recap

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