Born and Bred New Zealand

Antipodes Water

antipodes-water-white-bgWe’re guessing you probably didn’t know that 1, New Zealand water is renown as some of the purest water on Earth and 2, it’s also available for delivery, right to your front door.

Before you gasp at the suggestion of importing water from New Zealand, know that Antipodes Water has already done the gasping (and thinking) for you. The Antipodes Water Company is the first premium water company to be certified as carbon neutral, and they are well on their way to be carbon positive through reforestation and wetland development. To reduce impact of air freight, Antipodes also hired permanent staff in major distribution areas that use high-efficiency diesel vehicles for transport staff and delivery.

As for the water itself? Well, we tested a few bottles and it’s delicious, especially in sparkling. Antipodes is sourced and bottled from an aquifer over 1000 feet below ground in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand and their dedication to the craft of water is evident, it’s amazingly crisp with none of the aftertaste of mass produced distilled water. Water skeptics: before you go about making the assumption that this is just another overpriced bottle of water, make sure try it. Chilled.

Cost: $60 (12 x 2-pint bottles)