Gearing Up for Next Season

PowerSoxs: Outdoor & Snowsport


Scorching summer heat and sweltering humidity may not prompt you to think about wool socks, but it’s never too early to start preparing for your favorite fall/winter activities.  In fact, now is a prime opportunity to start researching some of the products you’ll need.  So, for all of you outdoor enthusiasts let me suggest PowerSox

Avid readers will remember my review of their performance line.  Now I’m gearing up for some great fall hiking and, of course, winter on the slopes.  I have obtained the proper socks for just such occasions and I’ll share my thoughts after the jump.

Both socks are designed with a left/right anatomical fit, which specifically fits the heel and toe of each foot by matching their contours.  This is something I haven’t seen a lot of from their competitors.

APF Outdoor Crew


I initiated my testing activities with a loop around Central Park in the PowerSox APR Outdoor Crew socks.  While it wasn’t exactly trail climbing, I was able to replicate enough distance and elevation changes to gauge their performance.  Final result: tired legs, happy feet.

The APF Outdoor Crew was comfortable, secure-fitting (an often overlooked attribute of great socks), and extremely breathable.  In NYC during August, this is a very good thing.  Made from the same Merino Wool that makes Jon giddy, these socks have as many tech specs as the last TV I bought.  Notable design elements include selective cushioning and ventilation panels as well as a Y-heel for a contoured heel pocket providing a snug fit while minimizing sock movement.

Cost: $18

APF Snowsport OTC-Fusion

I had a harder time testing these out (pictured at the top of this article).  A general lack of flexibility was the only things that keep my foot out of the freezer (well, that and a disapproving wife).  So I had to settle for aimlessly wondering around my apartment in ski boots.  The APF Snowsport OTC-Fusion fit securing in my boots while still providing pivotal circulation.  Poor circulation is often the biggest contributor of cold feet, not the sock or boot insulation.

The Snowsport shares the same engineering as the APF Outdoor, but with padding realigned for downhill activities.  One feature I was really pleased with was the hand-linked seamless toe seams.  It might be minor, but we’ve all had that annoying rubbing after a day spent on the slopes.

Cost: $20

Editors Note: I really liked slipping my feet into these socks. Even in August. They were soft yet snugly fitting. They were thick and comfortable yet my feet didn’t over heat. Truly worth the purchase.