10 Best, Must-Have iPhone Games & Honorable Mentions

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So you’ve got your iPhone, iPhone 3GS, or iPod Touch. You’ve got it loaded with useless apps or boring games. Hell, maybe you just want some justification to get buy one. Well, if the plethora of awesome apps out there isn’t enough, then maybe something that appeals to your less functional/productive side will entice you.

What follows is Gear Patrol’s list of our 10 Best, Must Have, iPhone games with 10 honorable mentions. They may not be Apple’s best or top rated, but they’re iPhone games that promise to get your money’s worth. As a matter of fact, if you purchase every game listed you’ll have spent just $81. Check it.

Must Have: Doom Resurrection

First Person Shooter iPhone, iPod Touch Game:


id software brings it hard with the recreation of Doom for the iPhone. If you ever wondered how a first-person shooter could be pulled off without any triggers or buttons, this is it. The 8 levels plus 40 challenges are heavy-hitting and the graphics top notch. You’ll never stop saying to yourself, “I’m playing Doom. I’m playing Doom on my phone. BFG9000!” This game is pretty intense and there’s no shortage of gore. Just a heads up.

Cost: $3 (special)

Honorable Mention: Metal Gear Solid Touch

First Person Shooter iPhone, iPod Touch Game:


Based around the Metal Gear Solid 4, this 20 stage touch variation of the Metal Gear Solid franchise is unique in of itself. There’s no difficult learning curve so you can hop right in and immerse yourself in the engrossing world of MGS. Intuitive, brilliant, and a blast.

Cost: $6

Must Have: Civilization Revolution

Simulation iPhone, iPod Touch Game:


Sid Meier’s Civilization series has been top of its class for the last 20 or so years and Civilization Revolution for the iPhone is nothing short of outstanding. Yes, there’s a learning curve for those that aren’t familiar with the Civilization series but the game feels natural and fluid on the iPhone. It’s hefty at 74mb, and pricey at $10 but well worth the download, if you’re a strategy maven.

Cost: $10

Honorable Mention: SimCity

Simulation iPhone, iPod Touch Game:


Hell, it’s SimCity on your phone. Does it really need any more explanation? In the past, strategy simulation players fell into one of two camps. Those that played Civilization and those that played SimCity. SimCity fans will not be disappointed with the iPhone port. It’s not the fastest game and it crashes from time to time, but there are no alternatives for the true SimCity Mayor.

Cost: $5

Must Have: Scrabble

Puzzle iPhone, iPod Touch Game:


Ack. You’ve got three “T’s”, a “Q” and no vowels. Awesome. The only difference is you’re not stuck at a table waiting on someone’s sweet-ass time to make a play on your triple word score. Play online or against the computer in this great iPhone port of the classic word game.

Cost: $5

Honorable Mention: Bejeweled 2

Puzzle iPhone, iPod Touch Game:


The first Bejweled built up a rabid fan making it one of the top (paid) apps of all time. Bejewled 2 continues in the tradition of pick-it-up-and-go gaming; it’s still easy to learn and a damn sight hard to master. The revamped graphics and sounds are top notch.

Cost: $3

Must Have: Worms

Must Have Strategy iPhone, iPod Touch Game


If you ever owned a Playstation or computer in the 1990’s then you’ll need no introduction to Worms. Worms is a tounge-in-cheek sheep-throwing strategy game that’s both insanely easy and frustratingly hard. Best played with a beer in hand – or in this case, the other hand. The iPhone version is tack sharp and gameplay simple with touch controls.

Cost: $5

Honorable Mention: The Creeps

Must Have Strategy iPhone, iPod Touch Game


The Creeps is essentially a castle defense game wrapped up in rich illustrations and cartoons. Its theme is based on creatures that might be hiding in your closet. The premise? To defeat anything that moves using your weapons (e.g. toy blasters, glue bottles, flashlights, boomerangs, UFO). Highly addictive, in a Super Mario Brothers kind of way.

Cost: $1 (on sale)

Must Have: The Oregon Trail

Nostalgic iPhone, iPod Touch Game


Ford the river. Avoid dysentery. Hunt a bear. None of it’s lost its appeal, even if the childhood stalwart is playing on your iPhone, not the green-screened Apple IIe. The Oregon Trail lacks too much challenge, but makes up for it 10 fold in nostalgia.

Editor’s Tip: Ford the river, every time. It’s worth it to see “You have drowned.”

Cost: $5

Honorable Mention: Space Invaders Infinity

Nostalgic iPhone, iPod Touch Game


Personally, this author missed out on the Space Invaders obsession, but Space Invaders Infinity for the iPhone is an interesting twist on the single-digit bit game. Its ability to evolve the more you play makes it deceivingly difficult. It’s more than 25¢ now, but at least you don’t have to prop your quarter up on the game to call next.

Cost: $5

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