The PS3 Finally Joins Weight Watchers

Sony PS3 Slim

ps3-slimPriced at $300 and conveniently sized similar to Blu-Ray players, the new Sony PS3 Slim is finally here. It’s over 30% smaller than the previous PS3, but still features HDMI, optical audio out, built-in Wi-Fi, dual USB ports and a hefty 120 GB hard drive.. all packaged in a comparatively lilliputian sized case. The PS3 Slim will also operate with less power, and more quietly as compared to the current, jet-engine equipped, PS3. One caveat? It won’t stand vertically and won’t operate Linux (boo). You’ll have to shell out $24 for a stand.

When it’s released in September, Sony will also drop the new 3.0 Playstation firmware which will allow you to control your PS3 Slim through Sony BRAVIA TV’s and power off concurrently.

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Cost: $300

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