Canon Reintroduces The S Series, Photogs Shed A Tear

Canon PowerShot S90


Canon has resurrected (wisely) the PowerShot S Series with the new S90. Wising up to the fact that there are consumers who want a pocket-sized camera that takes quality photos, not the point-and-shoot garbage we’ve been relegated to. Think: bleach white faces due to overblown flash, blurry evening scenes, and generally shitty party photos. Thankfully, the S90 gives aspiring photographers an everyday camera that fits in your pocket but still shoots serious photographs.

Canon PowerShot S90 Images

The Canon S90 features a bevy of notable new features, including a larger higher sensitivity, lower resolution sensor capable of taking 10 megapixel shots (versus 14.7 mp seen in some other PowerShots). Before you snivel your nose, know this: megapixels mean nothing, it’s all about the sensor and sensitivity. Cramming more pixels into the same size sensor is never a recipe for better photography, it’s a marketing exercise and hardly the measurement of a quality camera.

Canon’s new High Sensitivity System allows ISO’s up-to 3200 (also introduce in the new Canon G11), new Digic 4 processing, and a ludicrously bright f/2.0 28-105mm lens with image stabilization. In combination, they’ll give your photographs (RAW capable) an entirely new life, especially in low-light. You’ll also find a high resolution (461k) 3 inch PureColor II LCD, improved Scene Detection, HDMI output, manual controls (focus, exposure, etc) adjustable through a nifty control ring at the base of the lens.

All this is packed into the S90’s sleek matte metal case that’s a bit unorthodox for the Canon. We surmise it’s an obvious shot at the Panasonic LX3. Either way, its a breath of fresh air in an otherwise satin silver and plastic camera jungle.

Cost: $430