Eco-Friendly Meets Bahnstormer

BMW 335d Diesel


265 horsepower. 425 lb-ft torque. 0-60mph in 5.9 sec. 36 mpg. Zoiks.

Powered by BMW’s buttery smooth 3.0 turbocharged inline-6 advanced diesel engine, the BMW 335d hits the roads with a singular mission: prove you can have your cake and eat it too.

BMW’s latest version of the 3-series features 2,500 all-new components from the outgoing model. Individually they may not be visible to the untrained eye, but collectively they make for one of the best (Bangle inspired) 3 series to dates. Bimmer fans will recognize the new tauter body lines, LED indicators, revised fascia, and taillight treatments, instantly. All this paired with the underpinnings of a veritable Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde engine makes for, perhaps, one of the most fun guilt-free vehicles available today.

BMW 335d Diesel Sedan Gallery

Paired with the 425 lb-ft torque (5 more than the new Chevrolet Camaro SS) at your helm, the 3-series loses little-to-nothing in the performance department, and gains everything in economy. Better yet, a single tank will last you well over 500 miles (have your cake…). The BMW 335d’s terminal velocity is, get this, 150 mph with an ability to hold 0.91g’s on the skidpad (… and eat it too).

Take Note: As a bit of a response to the “Cash For Clunkers” program, BMW is offering a one-time $4,500 credit on anyone purchasing the 335d, which should offset the fact that you can easily rack up $10,000 in options. Options like keyless comfort access, an on-board navigation system with iDrive an 8.8″ high resolution LCD screen, active cruise control, iPod/iPhone USB integration, Bluetooth with BMW Assist, Run-Flat tires, Dynamic Stability Control, Sports Package, Paddle Shifters, and one ear-busting 13 speaker Logic7 surround sound audio system.

Cost: $43,900 ($4,500 eco-incentive credit, limited time)