Heritage Inspired Denim

J.Crew Men’s Shop | Levi’s Vintage Clothing


J.Crew continues their march to bring men well-curated, distinctively heritage inspired American attire. This time, it’s Levi’s Vintage Clothing – a collection of denim wear recreated (by hand) with the original spit and polish used in 1873. An era when clothing was a not a temporary affair.

Gear Patrol was invited to check out the launch at J.Crew’s new Men’s Shop (484 Broadway, New York). We gladly obliged, bringing along our trust Nikons in tow. The event also worked out to be a perfect opportunity to share with you not only the new vintage goods, but also the new J.Crew Men’s Shop itself. Be sure to mark it as a definite stop next time you’re in New York. You can also find the new Levi’s Vintage Clothing line at the Men’s Shop at the Liquor Store in Tribeca.

Hit the jump for a photo montage and more information about Levi’s Vintage lineup.


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