Another Force Enters the Netbook Battle

Nokia Booklet 3G

nokia-booklet-3g-gear-patrolYes, we know, it’s just another netbook. The proverbial device that technology companies are getting meth-like shakes over left and right. One wrinkle on this story, though, is that it’s the first to be released by a phone manufacturer. Called the Booklet 3G, there’s no doubt the device’s roots stem from the world of cellphones. That said, based on its specs, it will definitely be a laptop instead of some terrible smartphone-computer-bastard-love child.

Running an Atom Z530 processor as opposed to the more common N270, it’s jam packed with connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G (obviously), Bluetooth, Webcam, SD card reader and HDMI port. Nokia also claims the device will sport a 12 hour battery life, although 3rd party testing has yet to verify that. Also still unknown is which windows based operating system the computer will run. Our best guess is Windows 7.
The other unique feature worth mentioning is it’s integration with Nokia’s Ovi tools, which includes maps, a music store, and cloud-based Ovi Suite. Prices for the unit and it’s official launch date are still up in the air, although based on the press release Nokia plans to reveal more details on September 2.

[ Via CNET ]