Gear Patrol Details the Cream of the Playstation 3 Crop

10 Best PS3 Games (Late 2009)


Your Gear Patrol editors certainly appreciate good video games. In fact, those of us hailing from the University of Tennessee could likely pool our credit hours sacrificed before the throne of N64 and have a whole undergrad degree left over. We’re trying to establish some credibility here for what’s coming next: our take on the Best 10 games for the Playstation 3 system.

This is just the first in a series of features to come over the next few weeks, designed to help you narrow your focus and get the most out of a limited budget of time and money, with regards to game time. Thanks to their recent big announcement, we figured we’d let Sony out of the gates first. Our only criteria is that the game must be available now for the console in question. Beyond that, don’t expect any objectivity or scientific methodology here. We’re going to hit you up with the games that we like and think are must-plays, in no particular order (save for the first). Check our list then jump in with comments of your own to continue the discussion. After all, we only get 10 picks, but you can rant to no end.

And now, ze’ games!

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

The Pinnacle of Tactical Espionage Action


Just the latest fine chapter in Hideo Kojima’s magnum opus, the Metal Gear series, MGS4 represents an absolute no-brainer in our quest to name the PS3’s 10 Best. New features such as Old Snake’s OctoCamo suit and the ever twitchy Psyche meter add to the already solid gameplay, whilst top notch graphics whisk players through the predictably convoluted storyline. Even if you don’t understand all the plot twists, you’ll be plenty happy with the corner-crouching gunplay.

Cost: $27

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

If this is the preview, can we even handle the real thing?


Simply put, there’s not better looking and no better driving game than Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. You’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference between its digital rendering and that of the sheet metal variety. Though the game is not full-legth, the latest in the Gran Turismo line is strong enough to warrant a place on our list, even in preview form. Until the full game is released (when, no one can know, maybe late this year), we’ll be working the Prologue’s gearbox for all it’s worth.

Cost: $26

Little Big Planet

A New Idea That’s More Fun Than You Can Shake a Sackboy At


We’ve got to give a nod to the truly unique experience that is LBP. Based almost entirely on the model of user generated content, rarely has a game spawned such a quick and vehement following, not to mention been so darned cute (yes, we said it). Beyond the trademark visuals, the game kicks it with some highly enjoyable puzzle-platforming action. Still, creating characters and levels is where you’ll spend the bulk of your time in the Little Big Planet universe.

Cost: $42

Killzone 2

Taking the Fight to the Helghan Homeworld


Having first encountered those bastardly Helghast soldiers way back on PS2, Killzone 2 is a worthy follow-up and should be considered a must play for FPS fans. The game is particularly notable for realistic motion, gun, and ballistic physics, along with a requisite strong graphical and audio performance. Multiplayer is a fun diversion, hearkening to the Call of Duty series, but the excellent single player campaign is where Killzone 2 really shines.

Cost: $50

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Hardest. Game. Ever. (Well, close, at least.)


Ninja Gaiden Sigma represents a graphical overhaul of the previous gen’s punishing Ninja Gaiden from Tecmo badboy Tomonobu Itagaki. Some additional areas, weapon capabilities, and character interactions were added as well, all making an already great game even better. If you consider yourself a skilled video game player, you should definitely give NGS a go, if only to get your ego back in check.

Cost: $26

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