The Perfect Film for the Tail End of Summer

Adventureland Blu-ray and DVD

adventureland_blu_rayChances are if you missed this in theaters, you probably mistook it as a kids movie, or worse. Perhaps as a dumb comedy along the lines of “Soul Plane”. Though the title may ring bells of “Disneyland”, Adventureland is really a film for the nostalgic adults of our generation. Hilarious at sometimes and thought provoking in others, the story follows one summer of a recent college graduate whose lofty plans of world travel and Columbia journalism degree break. Born from the creative minds behind Superbad, the film does an amazing job of surfacing the inner awkwardness in all of us (though admittedly Eric never evolved in the first place.)

Those who did see it will appreciate something new by checking out the Blu-ray extras which include: Frigo’s Taps (3 minutes) in which Matt Bush (of AT&T spoiled minutes fame) demonstrates some of his techniques for surprising clueless friends with a “sac whack”. In the “Welcome to Adventureland” vignette, viewers are treated to four fake commercials about the park which are definitely good for a laugh.

Cost: $26