One Camera Bag, Two Positions

LowePro Inverse 200 AW


Beltpack or shoulder bag? An endless debate in the world of photography. The Lowepro Inverse 200 AW allows you to seamlessly transition from both worlds with ites versatile set up. Here at the Gear Patrol, we always appreciate versatility, so read on to hear our take.

The Inverse 200 is the larger of the Inverse line. With a capacity to hold your:

  • DSLR with a medium zoom and two smaller lenses, or a DSLR with a large zoom and one small lens
  • Charger cords
  • Extra battery
  • Memory cards

More than enough if you just got your first camera and plan on growing or if you’re already kitted out.

The Inverse 200’s All Weather Cover, that hides under the front pocket till needed, allows you to quickly protect the bag and it’s contents. Velcro allows the interior to be easily re-partitioned,  quickly fitting your new 50mm 1.2f. The “3D contoured mesh lumbar belt” is substantial and comfortable, with plenty of adjustments to allow you to quickly cinch down for a hike, or loosen it up to slip around your waist front to back while shooting. For my fellow Neanderthal sweaters, the mesh minimizes soakage of the low back… key.

The Inverse 200 also comes with the aforementioned shoulder strap to either take some of the weight off your waist while using the belt or on it’s own with the belt straps tucked away. All three ways work well, the waist belt better for more vigorous activities, and the shoulder strap for making your way through an airport or day at the beach. Throw in two cupholders, one for water to stay hydrated and one for post photo shoot libations, and you’ve got a winner.

Cost: $90

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