Oooh, Eeeee, Oooh, Ahhh-A (Low-Down Gorilla Sounds)

Joby Gorillapod SLR

gp2-feat-with-camHere at Gear Patrol, we really like taking pictures. That’s why you see so much original photography here on the site (Yes, it’s ironic to see a stock photo with this post, but how we gonna take a picture of our camera without our camera?). That, and because we like to rise above the common detritus found strewn about the web. Forgive the digression.

In any case, good photography takes more than mad skills or a Photoshop license; you need the right gear. We’ve rarely seen a more useful or flexible line of gizmos than the new Gorillapod(s) by Joby.

With four different models to choose from, there is certainly a Gorillapod to meet your needs. Their site even has a handy little drop-down menu to make the choice extra-special-easy.

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What makes the Gorillapod a unique platform should be obvious from the pictures of the unit. Its legs are comprised individually articulating ball feet, allowing the mount to be contorted in virtually unlimited ways. Whether you need a level shot from an uneven surface or you want to wrap your Gorillapod’s legs around a lamppost for an aerial view, this mount will likely have you looking for a bevy of new vantage points to enhance your photos’ composition.

All in all, we were not only impressed with the function of the Gorillapod, but by its sturdy build quality, as well. From our tests and observations, there’s absolutely no reason to fear trusting your pricey rig to the properly sized Gorillapod. It’s a simple innovation, very well executed and Gear Patrol approved. Give the Gorillapod a go and take your pictures to the next, knobbier level.

Cost: $40 (The SLR model, as pictured and tested)

Joby Gorillapod SLR Gallery