Bringing the Pub to You

Newcastle DraughtKeg

newcastle-draughtkegWhen faced with the choice, most men will opt for a draft-poured beer over something bottled or canned. At least, I hope they do. Don’t get me wrong, individually packaged beers are good, but they lack the freshness and fullness that a draft can offer. So you can imagine the utter lack of productivity that hit the Gear Patrol Labs when our friends at Newcastle sent along their newly launched DraughtKeg. It was a Tuesday, so no big deal.

Piggybacking on the same technology originally created for Heineken, the Newcastle DraughtKeg offers a draft system that utilizes a patented internal CO2 system with a mini tap. Hurray beer! This feature helps keep the beer fresh for up to 30 days after tapping and delivers the same taste experience as a pint of Newcastle poured in a pub.

With 10 pints at the ready, the DraughtKeg is perfect for the house, backward BBQ, or office (I love working here). It works with the Krups BeerTender to give it that more, um, polished look.

Cost: $23 at select grocery and liquor stores where Newcastle is sold