Putting "The One That Got Away" to Rest

Elec-Tra-Mate 1380-GH Electric Fishing Reel Drive

Photo Credit:  Tom Schierlitz

Photo Credit: Tom Schierlitz

Anyone who has ever deep sea fished before can attest to the thrill and insane struggle of reeling in a whopper. With gallons of adrenaline surging through your blood stream though, one of the worst possible let downs in life is losing your foe out of sheer exhaustion or lack of strength. It’s in these times that you have to remember this isn’t ordinary fishing. Out in deep water, drop fishing requires using 10- to 20-pound weights to sink the bait and keep it stationary in strong currents. Also depending on how ambitious you and your crew are, each line can suspend multiple hooks capable of snaring 100-pound fish.

Thankfully the Elec-tra-mate 1380-GH fishing reel drive offers support to out gunned Ahab’s everywhere. Capable of deadlifting 950 pounds and bringing in up to 2,800 feet of 80-pound-test monofilament in less than six minutes, this aquatic power winch should provide all the umph you need to finally land that trophy. Since it costs over $1320, really we’re really only bringing it up as a feature you should look for when scheduling your next charter. It is after all what the pros use and built to mount onto some of the world’s largest reels. Once on board, just cable it to a 12 volt battery to power it up, and kiss those stories of losing that monster Ahis goodbye!

Via Wired
Cost: $1320