Initium In Dreams Sunglasses


Named after a Roy Orbison song (I guessed Weezer’s “Only In Dreams”), Initium’s In Dreams sunglasses channel the retro chunky frames of the 1950s. The In Dreams come from Initium’s Platinum line, all of which are made in Italy and feature:

  • Acetate frames – Heavier and higher quality than plastic, Acetate allows better coloration and the ability to be heated and custom shaped to your head or some RX lenses.
  • Polar EQ Duo-Gradient or Polar EQ+ lenses, “that deliver polarized glare protection and vivid color clarity without sacrificing the color combinations only a gradient can offer.”
  • “Designed to excel in red-carpet scenarios.”  Maybe not an immediate concern, but it never hurts to look like you could waltz onto the red carpet.
  • Aluminum carrying case and micro fiber bag.

Though the In Dreams are offered in Black and Tortoise as well, our favorites (and the one’s we tested) are the clear-framed model with smoked lenses. They’re a unique and modern twist on a classic design. Wear with jeans and a button up, and Henry Winkler will likely want a tattoo of you on his ass. Just opt into something else when you’re sporting gym clothes to avoid looking generationally confused..

Cost: $275

The generous folks at Initium have offered a special discount to Gear Patrol readers.  Just follow the link above and enter the code “GEARPATROL30” at check out to get 30% off any pair of Initium’s. It’s only good for 30 days, so jump right on it.

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