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Valentine One Radar Detector

valentine-one-radar-detector1It’s nearly impossible to search for a radar detector online (or elsewhere for that matter) without turning up gobs of tests, opinions, and other information. Taken as a whole body of research, one unit stands out above all the rest – Valentine One. The V1 radar detector has been the benchmark for other detectors for decades, ever since its creation by Mike Valentine.

I’ve used detectors from other brands in the past, and now I’ve put the Valentine One through its paces for almost 90 days. Join me after the jump to see why I like the V1 so much.


The V1 radar detector features a host of essential elements like volume control and mute, a signal strength indicator, and laser/radar band indicator. What sets it above competitors like Escort and Beltronics is something Valentine One relates in military terms as situational awareness. In essence, it means being constantly aware of one’s surroundings, which is one of the keys to the ingenious design and function of the V1. With other detectors, the alert sounds and immediately the scramble initiates to locate the source.  In my testing, the directional “bogey” arrows and the forward and rear detection ability (that’s 360 degree protection!) of the V1 are the greatest advantages over other top detectors. Closely tied in with these functions is the bogey counter, which lets the driver know how many radar sources are nearby.  In fractions of a second, one knows the direction and urgency of the threat(s), preventing excessive distraction from the road and the task at hand.

Highways, cities, and suburban areas are all dealt with in stride. Although I’m not equipped to perform verifiable, scientific research, the V1 was generally quick to grant at least a half-mile notice for any real LEO hazards approaching (in some cases greater than one mile).  Staying within the realms of sanity on the road, that distance/time should allow ample time to adjust driving style and avoid potential evils (and that dang body cavity search).

Notwithstanding the patented technology of the Valentine One and a software platform that is upgradable, saving many-fold from buying a new unit every couple of years, the physical design of the V1 detector is timeless and highly-functional.

The Valentine One is an absolute essential for the true driver or anyone who spends time on the road.  Give Mike and the gang at Valentine One a look and serious consideration for your next detector purchase.

Cost: $399