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Moji Knee | Cold Icing Wrap

August 28, 2009 Culture By

moji-knee-gear-patrol-jon-gaffneyThe Moji Knee is best described as a smart bomb for knee icing. It’s purpose driven, technologically advanced, extremely targeted, and brutally effective. We’ve been Gear Patrolling it for the last few weeks and this author’s knees, for one, are thankful.

We’ve previously discussed the frustrations of effectively icing at home or on the road. “The Moji Knee design is the outcome of an unprecedented two year-long collaboration with top Sports Medicine Doctors, World-Class Athletes, Physical Therapists, Trainers and Engineers.” It shows… The Moji Knee combines a compression wrap and a proprietary cooling cell to deliver 20 minutes of targeted icing, that is purported to allow you to maintain mobility. Always a skeptic, we used the gold standard of bags of pellet ice and shrink wrap as a benchmark for the Moji Knee…Moji kicked its ass.

The compression wrap, made of four way stretch Polartec Power Dry 9110, was comfortable and did indeed allow us to walk around without looking like Frankenstein. It wicks away any moisture to keep your knee dry, and the wrap maintains great pressure without cutting off circulation. The cooling cell is covered in Dri-Lex fabric apparently super-absorbent to again minimize wetness. We tried the Moji Knee on some real hot days and didn’t notice any moisture; ice bags normally wash your lower leg for you (only a pro if your name is Pigpen). The proprietary gel is designed to stay cool for a minimum of 20 minutes and be pliable right out of the freezer. Yet again it did exactly that. The final gold star for the Moji Knee was when we let our resident ATC (Certified Athletic Trainer) who’s training for a road race demo it… she’s using it every day now. So to summarize, the Moji Knee does exactly what it claims to do: 20 minutes of effective, comfortable, DRY, and moblile icing. (N)ice.

Authors Note: There is also a Moji Back for those of you with a balky spine. If you’re going to be traveling and need ice, check out the Moji to Go– it’s made to keep the cooling cell cold for 4-6 hours. Check out the research and design behind the Moji Knee here.

Cost: $85

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