A (Sweaty) Golfer's Paradise

Antigua Essentials Golf Shirt


Not even nightfall put a dent in the day’s 90+ degree heat and, with insta-swass humidity patiently waiting for me at the front door, I was dreading the evening’s product testing. Fortunately, I was equipped with an Antgua Echo golf shirt, meaning that I was protected by their Desert Dry moisture-wicking technology. And let me tell you, it had its hands full.

By the time I reached the Randall’s Island driving range, I was already perspiring. The trip alone (two busses and a subway) is enough to make even the most staunch golfer reconsider his efforts. If that weren’t enough, the bus that I employ for trips to the range also services the outpatient psychiatric center just down the road. Never let it be said that I’m not wholeheartedly committed to the Gear Patrol community.

antigua_frontAs for how the Antigua Echo held up under such brutal conditions, it performed brilliantly. Thirty or so balls into my range routine, even my hat was soaked through, yet the shirt never clung to my body. I hate to feel impeded during my golf swing and sweaty, sticky clothes really bug me. That was the furthest thing from my mind as the Echo diligently kept my skin dry (relatively speaking). This is particularly amazing, considering I was able to wring water out of the shirt when I finally took it off. The Desert Dry technology also reduces body temperature by increasing air circulation, like personal A/C.

Lest you are inclined to think of Antigua as a new entrant, know that they have in fact been producing great (looking and functioning) sports apparel for over 30 years. They are even being worn out on Tour, most notably by Billy Mayfair and Kevin Steelman.

As for fit, the Echo is an athletic cut without being overly snug. There’s a delicate balance between being roomy enough to swing freely and having too much material that the shirt can’t get out of its own way. I would have been hard pressed to find another shirt from my closet that could have handled the sweltering conditions as well as the Antigua Echo did. Echo 1, Swass 0.

Cost: $55 | Echo (Seen Above)

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