Don't Take Away My Kodachrome

A Farewell To Kodachrome Film

kodachrome-film1Before Photoshop. Before Canon Digital ELPHs or Digital Rebels. Before Sony Mavicas,or Nikon Coolpix cameras. Before all of these photographic marvels of the digital age, there was film. Yes, film. You know, smelly canisters, 1 hour developing (which was fast, mind you), pain-in-the-ass loading, film. Recently passed the last official day Eastman Kodak cranked out a production run of the buttery goodness and, just like the passing of my other favorite product that starts with the letter “K”, I’m tempted to pick myself up a batch.

Renown by photo nuts for its outrageously gorgeous color range and impossibly saturated photos, the color slide film made zeroes look like heroes – even if the only thing you knew how to do was point a camera and shoot. Some of the most memorable photos you’ve seen were likely taken on Kodachrome. It’s just another sign that, yes digital is here and it’s awesome, but there are casualties of modernization.

As a guy who learned to take photographs with film, it’s tough to see a brother gear in arms bite the dust. If you fancy yourself a photographer, make sure and pick up a pick up a few rolls for future use.

Cost: $30

Below, you’ll find a (flickr) slideshow of photographs shot on Kodachrome and Paul Simon’s famous song about the film itself, aptly titled “Kodachrome”.