Post-it Notes Better Watch Their Back

The Digital Video Memo Fridge Magnet

digital_video_memo_fridge_magnetSometimes, a quickly-scrawled, half-torn receipt of a note just isn’t enough to get your message across. This is especially true if, let’s say for instance, you were having a beer before heading over to a Knick’s game and accidentally spilled it all over your girlfriend’s cashmere sweater while she was working late (hypothetically… of course).

Video, on the other hand, is a whole different ball game, and makes conveying those half-apologetic, half-scared sh%$less sentiments a much easier proposition. Playing off this potential, the Digital Video Memo gives you a fridge magnet that can record a 30 second video. Using it is dead simple. Just look at the camera, press the record button, and beg not to not sleep on the couch. It only records one video and quickly recharges via USB. Owning this taste of the future though will set you back roughly $50, but can you really put a price on forgiveness? Those curious to view more awkward press shots featuring puckered, androgynous seniors, check out the gallery below.

Cost: $50

via Coolest-gadgets