Embrace Your Softer Side

AXE Sensitive Shower Gel

axe_sensitive_shower_gel1After a hard day of felling trees or tackling a home improvement project, I like to unwind with a shower. Where is it stated that men have to cleanse with sandpaper and tar? Now, I’m not condoning white wine, Kenny G, and a bubble bath, but a man’s skin takes a lot of abuse during the course of an active day and the shower is one area you can give it a break.

Axe Sensitive Shower Gel has all of the cleaning power of earlier AXE products, but it shows its softer side, as well. With a pH balanced formula, AXE Sensitive won’t dry out your skin like many bar soaps can. AXE has also fortified their latest shower gel with cucumber and milk protein. That combination will leave you with soft, refreshed skin. You may laugh at that comment, but women notice (read: prefer) a man with soft skin. It’s a sign that he takes care of himself.

Editors Note: Don’t worry about the scent, it’s understated.

Cost: $5 | Or your local retailer