A Modern Spin on Classic Aviators

Serengeti Velocity Sunglasses


Sunglasses are the quintessential male style accessory. Much like a watch, a great pair of sunglasses can be the piece de resistance to a well assembled wardrobe. The trick is finding a pair that accommodates your face shape, as well as making a personal style statement. I may have found just the pair.

Say hello to the Serengeti Velocity Titanium. Serengeti has been making top notch sunglasses for years, but I only just stumbled upon them. My loss. What I discovered is that they not only look great, but are built for performance. That’s the Gear Patrol standard. Serengeti has engineered the Velocity Titanium with photochromic and spectral control properties, allowing them to excel in a myriad of elemental conditions.

To elaborate, photochromic lenses adapt to changing light conditions. Molecules inside the glass constantly adjust, making the lenses lighter or darker as needed to reduce eye fatigue. Spectral control provides unparalleled high-definition contrast and superior color enhancement by filtering out specific colors within the visible light spectrum. The two work hand in hand, giving you an amazingly crisp view of the world before you, yet without all the damaging UV crap you’d otherwise be exposed to.


While all of that tech talk is great, the deciding factor for me was the look. You see, I have a large noggin. Much like many of the Gear Patrol crew members, my dome falls in the Sputnik category and, consequently, most sunglasses just look silly on me. On the other hand, I don’t like aviators, which ironically, suit my face shape and head size. The Velocity are a modern interpretation of the classic aviator design. This means that they are slightly smaller and more oval, as opposed to a round shape. That’s perfect for me and the rest of my large-craniumed brethren.

Cost: $180 | On Sale at Amazon $96