And the Inside Scoop from Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein

GP Events: The Engadget Show


Yesterday, some of the New York based Gear Patrol crew were lucky enough to attend the filming of Engadget’s first ever Engadget Show (#engadgetshow). The event was held at the Tishman Auditorium which some may recognize as the former setting of Inside The Actor’s Studio. Focus of the night was, as you’d suspect, gadgets and featured a great interview with Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein. We won’t bore you with the details, but it was surprisingly fun, and an all around standup job by the Engadaget team. Engadget editor-in-chief Josh Topolsky’s questioning was informative, witty, and as usual, razor sharp. Addressing all manner of questions and concerns ranging from Palm’s mysterious habit of timing product releases with Apple’s, rogue iTunes pairing, to the Palm Pixie’s curious lack of WiFi and pricepoint. We couldn’t help but admire the no holds barred approach and it seemed Mr. Rubenstien himself enjoyed the format.

If you’re curious for insights on what’s up with Palm and it’s recent recent revitalization, we highly recommend checking out the interview over at Engadget once it’s released on site. For more of our photos of the event and details check out our slideshow after the jump. Maybe you’ll recognize a familiar face or two.

Anyone who subscribes to Engadget’s weekly podcast will also have some incentive to check out the show, thanks to seeing editors Nilay Patel and Paul Miller discuss the weeks recent gadget announcements with Josh Topolsky in the flesh, including the Motorola CLIQ and somewhat underwhelming iPod Nano with video. Part gadget-comedy improv, part gadget-commentary improv, the group had us laughing on more than one occasion, and questioning how Nokia would ever continue their sponsorship of the show after the gangs in show tear-down of the new N900.


Filming once a month, we’re looking forward to the next episode, and plan on giving you all the heads up when that rolls around. Special thanks goes out to Endgadget Crew for allowing us to attend Media-VIP style. For more picks into the show, feel free to browse our Flickr slideshow below.