Vintage-Inspired, American Made

Red Monkey Designs Hellion II Belt


Over 10 years ago, Red Monkey Designs was started out of a garage in Southern California. Best known for producing hand-built leather accessories from custom watches to guitar straps, RMD has quickly become a go-to destination for rock stars and celebrities in search of vintage-inspired leather goods. Their clientele includes the likes of KISS, Metallica, Zakk Wylde, Kerry King, Brad Pitt, and even Megan Fox.

Luckily, we managed to procure their Hellion II Buffalo Leather Belt for review. The belt features thick top-grain buffalo leather; it’s not to be mistaken for any generic machine-made, mass-produced leather belt. If you didn’t know, top-grain or full-grain leather is the same quality of leather used in the finest leather furniture and footwear. Instead of wearing out, the leather will instead get a nice patina like your dad’s old leather chair and is made to take a beating. Each eyelet and stud is set by hand along with a couple of Red Monkey logo buttons where you can change out the buckle.

Author’s Note: After a month of wear, the Hellion II is really breaking in well and continues to get softer. It’ll be interesting to see what the belt looks like after a few good years of abuse. Without a doubt, RMD’s the Hellion II is an instant classic (for the stylistically brave) and has become the first belt I reach for to go with my jeans. If my scrubs had belt loops, I’d probably wear it to work, too.

RMD makes each item to order, so every accessory is unique. If you see something you like but want it in a different color, give ’em a call. They take custom orders.

Cost: $250