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BookArc MacBook Desktop Stand


Working off a laptop is fast becoming the de facto for many computer users. Portability, power, and price have reached the point where even power nuts have some sort of portable option. Problem is, when you’re working at a desk on a large screen monitor like we do at the GP offices, a laptop suddenly becomes a bulky desk wart… Problem. Search. Result.

Mac accessory manufacturer Twelve South has an elegant solution and we’re keen on it. It’s called the BookArc and as you can see from our photo above it allows you to stand your laptop in a vertical position thereby reducing impact on your coveted desktop workspace (yes, those are raindrops on our MacBook… it was raining lightly when we took the photo). Constructed from heavy gauge steel, the BookArc is certainly robust. It holds any Apple laptop ranging from the plastic MacBook, to the diminutive MacBook Air, and all the way up to the behemoth 17″ MacBook Pro (varying soft rubber slots are included with the BookArc). Taking up 10″x4″ of space you can situate your MacBook in any position that suits you best, turning your laptop into a quasi desktop of sorts.

Why not dual monitors you ask? Well, you may not know, but most current MacBooks will allocate all of their video memory to the external display when the lid is shut and a monitor is attached. On standard MacBooks, this could mean precious memory and speed when you’re working on your next great home movie or just editing an encumbrance of photos, as we oft are. Not to mention, the vertical layout will aid in the airflow and it looks pretty damn sharp.

Cost: $50

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