The Next Evolution in Mixing

Pioneer CDJ2000


Just as the Pioneer Kuro dominated the plasma television field during its production tenure, Pioneer’s Pro DJ equipment reigns supreme in the industry as the ultimate hardware for the world’s top spinners. For years, it’s top of the line CD turntable the CDJ-1000MK3 has been a staple of professional club setups, and been used by DJ legends such as Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, and Armin van Buuren. Released today, the CDJ2000 is sure to receive similar fan fare in the industry based on it’s integration of countless upgrades aimed at revolutionizing the DJ work flow. To find out more, read on.

Capable of playing music from multiple sources including, CD, DVD, USB storage devices, and SD memory cards, this table accommodates just about every digital music file under the sun. Even better, any library source you choose that’s connected to one table can be shared and accessed by up to three other decks using a regular LAN line, thanks to the new Pioneer Pro DJ link. In other words, there’s no need to carry around duplicate copies of the same music.


Physically reworked to include a jaw dropping 6.1 LCD screen, the table’s designed for easy navigation of tracks and music browsing. This comes particularly in handy for viewing track wave forms, and skipping to a particular place in a song through the new “Needle Pad” touchstrip and “Needle Search” functionality. As a feature found previously only in DJ software, the horizontal pad allows users to touch a particular point in the track’s wave pattern to skip immediately to it.


Speaking of software, the table also ships with Pioneer’s new rekordbox music management system. Built with the prepare and play work flow in mind, rekordbox helps DJ’s create sets, loops, and transitions that can then easily be accessed when it’s time for live performances. Also if you happen to be an Ableton, Traktor, or Scratch Live addict, this CDJ includes a 24 bit audiophile sound card with MIDI and HID control over USB, and built in native control for each. This means that the normal additional gear required to run these digital DJ setups like MIDI controllers and Time code discs can finally be left at home. Pre-configured integration with Tonium’s soon to be released Pacemaker pro and editor will also finally allow DJs to make the most out of mobile work sessions while on the go.

Those seeking to drool more over the device can check out the gallery below, and Pioneer’s video outlining the new features and specs of the CDJ2000.

Editor’s Note: As an owner of the aforementioned CDJ-1000MK3 decks, I can say without question that the CDJ2000 is the ultimate DJ solution the entire industry has been waiting for. it’s also the first piece of hardware to fully embrace all of digital music and it’s surrounding technology. Though Technic’s SL-1200MK2 vinyl turntable may always hold a place in the hearts of the community, there is no doubt that this unit will soon become the go to device for any modern professional.

Cost: $2,150

via Engadget