Technology Forged in the Gym, Style Fitted for Everyday Use

FreeMotion Zip Polo


As the summer draws to a close, we at Gear Patrol are squeezing in a final few golf rounds shirts. Which brings us to FreeMotion Apparel. Mostly know for their performance apparel, they have taken the short trip (about a 9-iron) into world of performance polos. We chose to test ours out on the golf course, but this is a shirt that could easily stand tall under other disciplines. And any time a shirt can fill in for multiple rolls, is a very good thing.

Sure, the FreeMotion polo has all the same great moisture control and breathability you expect from athletic apparel. For us, the feature that stood out was Stretch Comfort, which allows the shirt to conform to your body while maintaining elasticity. That’s the key for the polo to fit properly while still moving effortlessly with you. I guess we should have seen that coming, given the company’s name.


Unlike the mountain of other polos we have acquired here at Gear Patrol, the FreeMotion Polo is zippered. Sometimes the best way to stand out, is to look almost like everyone else – but not quite. Here, the zipper adds just the subtle difference needed. Since it lays flat, you’ll never be distracted, even during active movements.

The other piece of the equation that landed FreeMotion on our desks was the price. You can easily shell out $75+ for a popular name brand shirt. FreeMotion, on the other hand, will let you walk away with their polo for only $44. The trifecta of style, performance, and price really won us over. Fortunately, they sent us two shirts, so Eric and I could both enjoy. Unfortunately, they sent the same color, so we looked like we were wearing a uniform.

At the end of the day, the FreeMotion polo withstood a humid round of golf and looked great doing it. Which is more than I can say for Eric’s swing.

Cost $44