What if you could improve your posture just by pressing a button?



Gear Patrol has written about custom suits, custom shirts and pants. Consequently, there’s no doubt that you’ve evolved into the best dressed man around, but if you’ve got posture like Quasimodo, you still won’t look good no matter what you wear. The worst part about having bad posture is that you’re probably the last one to know it.

Having good posture has been scientifically proven to be go well beyond just making you looking better. Men with good posture are perceived as being more successful, confident, and are generally happier, too. Breaking bad habits is hard, especially if you don’t know you’ve got one. Carrying around a mirror to check your posture isn’t very practical either. Solution: the iPosture.

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The iPosture, developed by a neurologist and rehabilitation expert, is a button-sized gizmo that vibrates when you start slouching. The iPosture comes with 2 extra batteries, includes a copy of Young, Sexy, and Healthy, and is wrapped in a blister pack that you should have your Open It! handy for.

You can wear the iPosture in any one of three ways. You can wear it as a pendant and rock it like its going out of style, you can stick it to your chest, or you can clip it to your bra. We doubt that the latter option is available to most men, but if it is, we won’t ask. After you have the iPosture in place, just straighten up and return your shoulders to their proper upright and back position. Then give the iPosture a tap and you’re set.

pho_silhoutte_compare-3When we started wearing the iPosture, we were expecting an initial hailstorm of vibration. To our surprise, it didn’t blow us up at all. We actually found ourselves checking to see if it was still on. Our first thought: Gear Patrol Editors must have amazing posture! Yeah, right.The iPosture is programmed to vibrate after 60 seconds of slouching. This is to help make sure it won’t go off when you bend over to pick something up. We also quickly realized we were much more conscious of our posture when wearing the device and would catch ourselves before hitting the one minute mark.

Additionally, we noticed that we were wearing the device mostly while standing up and working around the house, when it’s much easier to have good posture. On the other hand, having good posture while sitting in front of the computer is another story. Right when you start leaning over your desk and getting real comfortable, the iPosture will buzz you out of your slouch. The vibration is quick, and fairly silent. It’s pretty annoying if you have terrible sitting posture like this editor but it works well to negatively reinforce such bad behavior and achieve the desired result.

The first few days with the iPosture were plagued by constant buzzing, so it’s pretty obvious why they chose to include the 2 extra batteries. After the first few weeks, however, the vibrating became noticeably less. During these last few weeks, we decided to not wear the iPosture to see if it had any lasting impressions. While we did find ourselves slowly reverting back to old bad habits, they weren’t nearly as bad as before. Still, our time spent wearing the device seems to have paid spine-sparing dividends.

The iPosture won’t be on any Top 10 lists for fashion accessories but it’ll have your posture going from Quasimodo to Captian Phoebus in record time. It’s also currently on sale for $65 instead of the usual $80. Say you’re not quite ready to drop the $65 on looking good and gaining ever-lasting confidence? The folks at iPosture have developed an app for that. Take heed, we don’t recommend wearing your iPhone as a pendant.

Editor’s Note: The iPosture doubles as a mini alarm clock, helping me stay awake instead of dozing off to sleep after lunch.

Cost: $65

The iPosture is actually a pretty cool device, which might be more than we can say for the infomercial below.