Performance Shades Sans Blades

Bollé Kickback


Two weeks of wearing the Bollé Kickbacks and we’re already hooked. We at Gear Patrol are firm believers that men should broaden their horizons and find situation-appropriate products. Case in point: wearing sportier sunglasses for more active situations. There’s no rule that says a man can’t have a collection of sunglasses at his disposal. If there was such a rule, we’d ridicule it.

It’s no secret that Bollé has figured out how to make lenses that look great and perform brilliantly. We’ve been using their ski goggles for years for those very reasons. Now we can say that Bollé sunglasses are no exception to the rule of their excellent optics.

The Kickbacks are by far the lightest sunglasses we’ve tested to date. Their rimless frames help eliminate all unnecessary weight and gives the Kickback a featherlight feel. Combined with Thermogrip temple tips and nose pads, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them at all. The Thermogrip technology has moisture-absorbing properties that gives you solid yet soft adhesion at all times – which is critical if you’re using them during a sport, or in any active situation.


Our pair of Bollé Kickbacks came with polarized lenses which helped reduce glare on the golf course, during an afternoon of sailing, and even as we chased kids around during an afternoon BBQ. Don’t overlook the importance of clear vision while you’re playing cops and robbers.

Our verdict? The Kickbacks handled themselves when pushed, but had the styling be your everyday sunglasses if preferred. We love options.

Cost: $90