The Sloanne of Clogs (nod to Entourage)

Dansko Sloanne


If you happen to work in a profession where you spend most of the day on your feet, you’re probably quite familiar with the Dansko name. Dansko, literally translated as ‘Danish shoe,’ was founded in 1990 by wife and husband team Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup. The company got its start after the couple got tired of bringing suitcases filled with clogs from Denmark back home to friends and family. Since that time, they’ve gone from selling shoes out of the back of their old Volvo to an industry leader.

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Today, Dansko’s designs are still based on the comfort principles of the clog and are maximized for all-day comfort, as evident by their wildly popular Stapled Clog. Even though the clog is really comfortable, you can’t really wear it out. Somehow it just doesn’t look right if you’re trying to wear them with a custom suit. Surveying the Dansko selection on Zappos, they offer 214 selections for the ladies and a paltry 24 for men, with at least half of them being Stapled Clogs offered for both sexes. It certainly makes you wonder if Dansko has any love left for us men.

dansko-shoes-2Fortunately for us, they’ve added a few additions to the men’s line and we got a chance to review one of them. The Sloanne is part of their not-a-clog men’s line. Available in black or brown, it is a conservatively styled, three eyelet, lace-up oxford in full grain leather. It features a removable, contoured open-cell foam foot bed that helps reduce foot and leg fatigue after a long day by absorbing shock. The Sloanne also features a breathable leather sock lining that wicks away moisture to help keep your feet dry and stink-free.

These last few months, this author’s feet have been really happy even after long days of trekking all over town. The support is excellent and the roomy comfort gives you a sandal-like freedom but offers the protection of a shoe. Some of our associates have reported using their Dansko clogs for over 5 years. While we don’t expect the Sloanne to last quite that long, the sole has only just started to show signs of wear, even with this editor’s notorious foot-dragging tendencies. The shoe also has a 1.25 inch heel, giving those of you who are vertically challenged a little extra boost.

In terms of style, you won’t be starting any trends with these kicks but you’ll be safe in knowing that your feet are probably much happier than the next guy’s, even if he’s gellin’. The design is still based on the original hard-soled wonder, but it’s definitely not the same shoe. There’s virtually no break-in time compared to the original clog. That’s a very good thing, since my clogs took a full 2 weeks to get settled; with the Sloanne, you don’t have the hard sole, high arches, and firm support you’ve come to expect with the Dansko name.

Despite the differences between the two, the Sloanne is a very comfortable shoe and provides good support. Your feet will definitely thank you after a long, hard day no matter what your chosen profession is. In the future, we’d like to see at least a few new men’s designs based on the original clog, but this will certainly do for now.

Cost: $130