The Smithsonian of Gadgets? It Just Might Be.

The Gizmodo Gallery 2009


As we hinted earlier through Twitter, Gear Patrol got the invite to check out the 2009 Gizmodo Gallery this evening before the general public’s admission, which starts tomorrow (or, about the time you’re reading this). Considering some of the highlights in the gallery such as the Chefstack automatic pancake maker, a return of the 103 inch Panasonic Plasma Television, the Pioneer CDJ-2000, and the Singing Telsa Coils (video after the jump), it’s fair to say that we now know where gadget nirvana really lives. It’s at 267 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY, and Gizmodo’s making it happen.

Straight up, the crew over at Gizmodo pulled together some amazing gear, both new and old, and curated it in a museum-like exhibition, complete with placards and interactive exhibitions. Of course, no technology event would be complete without some drool-worthy displays, and Gizmodo didn’t fail us there. Editorial Director Brian Lam took a moment to reveal a short video highlighting a brand new (under the radar) tablet aptly dubbed “The Courier”. Nope, it’s not from Apple – this little medallion is from the hallowed halls of Microsoft. We’ve got some photos of being demonstrated below in our slideshow. Of course, you can read more details on Gizmodo. Keep an eye out, this device might be a dark horse for Microsoft.

Regardless, photos speak louder than words (especially ones cobbled together around midnight), so we’ll leave the rest to our Flickr slideshow below. We also took a brief video of what we mean by “Singing Tesla Coils,” playing an all too familiar theme most of you men will instantly recognize. Special thanks to the Gizmodo staff for letting us come along for the ride tonight. Make sure your carve out some time to visit the Gallery (267 Elizabeth St.) which runs until Sunday, September 27th at 6 p.m. General admission starts, pretty much, now.

Cant make it? Check out Gizmodo’s coverage here.

Singing Tesla Coils Video