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10 Best, Most Anticipated Video Games (Late 2009)


There’s nothing like waking up to a crisp Autumn morning, your body shivering thanks to the open bedroom window, to remind you that time flies. Somehow, summer is behind us, and we are on a steady march towards the holidays and the new year to come. Don’t fret though, as 2009 still has a few shining moments left in her, particularly if you look forward to blockbuster video games as much as we do.

The fourth quarter of this year will see some of the hottest, most anticipated games unleashed on the bleary-eyed public. That means you need to save up your pennies and your sick days, lest you need them (along with an ample supply of caffeinated beverages) to dive into one of more of the titles on our list.

Hit the jump to pine for our as-yet unreleased picks.

Assasin’s Creed II

Release Date: November 17


Succeeding his brother-at-arms, Altair, is a new assassin, Ezio. Ubisoft has him practicing his craft in Renaissance-era Italy, exploring dangerous cityscapes and taking out his targets with weapons inspired by da Vincian design. The open world gameplay lends itself well to nimble controls that made the original Assasin’s Creed such a hit.

Cost: $57

DJ Hero

Release Date: October 27


Rhythm and music games have come to represent a huge segment of the video game market and, even better, have opened up a wider array of players to interactive fun. DJ Hero offers a logical evolution of the genre, catering to music lovers with a stacked track list and the ability to wow your friends and the world with your custom mixes. Besides, everyone will want to get their hands on the unique turntable peripheral.

Cost: $119 (Bundle w/ Turntable)

Forza Motorsport 3

Release Date: October 27 (Xbox 360 Exclusive)


The Forza series is Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s Gran Turismo, no doubt. The third iteration is planning to give drivers no lack of variety, offering 400 fully-tunable cars, as well as over 100 international tracks. With improved physics (Forza 2‘s were already second to none) and an online mechanic tailored to sharing and trading user generated content, the game will give gearheads plenty of opportunity to spend time on the track.

Cost: $60

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Release Date: November 10


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, chances are you know (and love) the Call of Duty series. This year’s Modern Warfare 2, promises to be the best yet challenging you with an expanded campaign and improved AI behavior. Additional modes have been added to enhance the already flat-out addictive multiplayer, as well. As a bonus, MW2 is begin developed by Infinity Ward, a team that many consider to have developed the best game in the series so far. That, and they’re offering a game bundle that includes working night vision goggles. Seriously.

Cost: $59

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Release Date: October 13 (PS3 Exclusive)


If you’ve played Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune , then you’ll likely agree that more adventurous hijinx starring Nathan Fillion Drake would be a very good thing. And you’d be right. The heir apparent to Tomb Raider-gameplay is back with a new adventure in Among Thieves. Expect even more lush graphics (the developer, Naughty Dog, claims to have “maxed out” the PS3’s capabilities, as opposed to only using about 1/3 its processing power last time out), as well as the addition of multiplayer modes for play on PSN. Onward!

Cost: $57

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