Finally a Laptop with No Strings Attached

Dell Latitude Z Laptop


Steve Jobs’s finger may consistently rest on the cool-factor pulse of the world, but that doesn’t mean he’s the only one who gets it. In a break from the traditional corporate cookie-cutter workhorse laptops that built the Dell Computer empire, the Latitude Z represents the convergence of several nascent technologies built with portability in mind.

Touted as the lightest (weighing 4.5 pounds) and thinnest (.57 inches thin) 16-inch notebook in existence, the Latitude Z is meant for power users on the go with a taste for flash. Don’t assume though that form factor is the only card in its hand. This unit has tons of dells and whistles (I apologize for that terrible joke, but I just couldn’t resist).

For instance, following a new trend in laptops Dell’s Latitude-On function allows users to access email and an internet browser via a separate ARM procesor before Windows is actually finished booting. Something the truly impatient rage-aholics should appreciate. On board the unit’s right side screen bezel, EdgeTouch control functionality has been integrated which allows users to access shortcuts with a tap of the finger. This inherently seems more like bling than anything of substance, but we’ll reserve our judgments until we nab a hands on.


Last but certainly not least, in move to calm the frustrated masses of sleek laptop owners chained to everything from peripherals to power chords, the Z features magnetic inductive charging. In other words, when paired with its $200 stand accessory, the Latitude Z can charge without the need of a wall plug; supposedly in the same amount of time required for normal wired connections. For another $200 hit, owners can buy a wireless dock which when connected to computer peripherals such as a printer, monitor, mouse, and keyboard, allows Z wireless use as well.

All in all we’re impressed by the unit’s feature set but not surprised that they come at a hefty price. At $1,799 base it already sits on the high side of the laptop price spectrum. An even higher $2,159 is the true price buyers will have to pay though to take advantage of all of the Z’s free wheeling features. For more details, check out the press shots below or hop on over to read Engadget’s first impressions on the Latitude Z.

Cost: $1,799-$2,159

Dell Latitude Z Laptop