The One Remote to Rule Them All

Logitech Harmony 900 Universal Remote


Clutter is something the editors here at Gear Patrol hate. While you might have an excuse for rocking an unkempt desk, your coffee table deserves order. If you’re still rocking a pile of remotes, having failed to buy a Logitech Harmony One remote, now is the time to check out the latest offering from the undisputed champs of the all-in-ones. We’re talking about Logitech’s new Harmony 900 Universal Remote.

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Looking to improve on their line of award winning predecessors, Logitech steps up their game with the Harmony 900. As with the One, the 900 packs a sharp, full-color touch screen, ergonomic design, sculpted backlit buttons, one-touch activity controls, computer programming, and compatibility with over 225,000 devices. What sets the 900 apart is the one thing the One was missing – RF compatibility. The Harmony 900 comes equipped with an RF extender and 2 “mini blasters” that run synchronously together to command equipment inside cabinets or gear over in the next room, making getting up completely unnecessary. If the Harmony 900 could fetch you a beer, it’d truly be man’s best friend.

Editor’s Note: One thing often left out about the Logitech Harmony series is the easy to use setup software that makes programming these advanced control beasts a snap. Though competing products may offer similar functionality in attractive packages, getting most of these to work often requires professional installation or a whole herd of nerds. Even if you aren’t the most tech savvy of users, you’ll find integrating this ultimate accessory into your system is a simple affair. In other words, it doesn’t get any better than this. For a full spec overview and rigorous testing, also check out CNET’s editors choice review.

Cost: $355