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Style Roundup: Men’s Sweater Top Picks

gear-patrol-sweater-top-picksBased on all the fall wardrobe question’s we’ve been receiving from you lately, we came to the conclusion a fall roundup was in order. Done and done. In this Gear Patrol Roundup, we’ve taken the time to scour some of our favorite men’s brands (high and low), for unique, sharp, and warm sweaters that’ll match just about any man’s style. From cardigans, to hoodies, to classic V and crew necks, these sweaters are great options for the man reassessing the state of his fall attire. Check out our selections after the jump, and as always, if you feel there’s any gaping holes in our selection, let us know in the comments. Like you, we strive for improvement.

Disclaimer: we purposely avoided cashmere in this roundup to keep the average cost spectrum down.

Banana Republic Merino Wool Shawl Neck Sweater

banan_republic_merino_shawl_neck_sweaterShawl neck lines help to break up monotone color and provide versatility for both casual and stylish affairs. While everyone may not feel comfortable pulling off white, additional piping details around the cuffs and waist line help prevent this extra-fine merino wool sweater from turning you into a middle school Christmas play snow flake.

Cost: $99

Brooks Brothers Merino Argyle Half Wool Zip Sweater

brooks_brothers_merino_argyle_wool_half_zip_sweaterJust because Argyle is the pattern of choice for country club golfers doesn’t mean wearing it makes you look like an ass. Downplayed, thanks to it’s light earth tone color palette, this half wool zip is both classic and basic. Whether it’s matched with collared button up for work, or jeans for cocktails later on, it never hurts to look clean cut every now and then. Also while we won’t dispute the ability to find something similar for less, coughing up for Brooks Brother’s quality will definitely give you several additional years of wear.

Cost: $138

Diesel Keflon Cardigan

diesel_keflonDistinct from typical department store fare, the Keflon is a statement piece to base an entire look around. Featuring double breasted buttons and wide cut hooded neck line, this sweater is great for casual Saturday afternoons and easily blend into the evening. Ideally the small diesel logo on the lower left side would have been nixed, but you can’t win them all.

Cost: $170

Eddie Bauer Field Crew Sweater

eddie_baurer_field_crew_sweaterWhatever trends may come and go in the fashion world, we’re certain crew neck sweaters will never fade. As an interesting twist on the fall stand by, the Eddie Bauer Ribbed Field Crew adds padded detail to the shoulders and forearms for a refreshing take on the common look. Available in regular and tall sizes (depending on your torso) it should fit into just about any body type under the sun, with minimal impact on your winter clothing budget.

Cost: $50

Uniqlo Half-Zip Orange Sweater

uniqlo_half_zip_orange_sweaterWhile this pick may be reminiscent of Clark Griswald, paired with the right shirt and a healthy dose of confidence, this sweater works well over the bounds of neutral toned masses. Unfortunately, this sweater is tougher to find for non-city dwellers, as Uniqlo’s U.S. based stores are limited. Daring? Yes. Cheap? Yes.

Cost: $30

John Varvatos Shawl Collar Cardigan

john_varvatos_shawl_collar_cardiganAs the most expensive pick of the bunch, this sweater certainly borders on being a thick knit coat. Rich, luxurious, and made from a combination of Wool and Alpaca, owning this definitely provides a significant upgrade in style… that is, if you’re willing to spend the cash.

Cost: $495

Patagonia Men’s Felton Hoody

patagonia_mens_felton_hoodyPart lounging sweat shirt, part campfire ready sweater, this knit lambswool blend has a kangaroo-style pouch for hand warming and/or whiskey flask carrying. Your choice. Available in feathered grey (pictured right) or retro khakis. Since it’s made by Patagonia we’re confident it’ll last for years to come. Keep in mind that you’ll have to cough up some dough for the Patagonia premium tax.

Cost: $160

L.L. Bean Ragg Wool Full-Zip Sweater

ll_bean_zip_sweaterLet your inner New Englander shine with this basic wool shell. It’s designed with layering in mind and produced in 5 different colors with the option for regular and tall sizes. No outdoors men should spend fall without one, especially considering LL Bean’s legendary life time guarantee.

Cost: $50

J. Crew Wool Shall Collar with Pocket

j_crew_wool_shall_collar_sweater_with_pocketsIn contrast to other shawl collars (including those on this list), this ribbed and front pocketed with big buttons, swaps prissy style leanings for a more rugged appearance. Throw it on over a basic plaid shirt and you’ll be good to go.

Cost: $138

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