Still Walking Strong

Johnnie Walker Black Label 100

johnnie-walker-black-label-1001We’ve got an affinity for Johnnie Walker Black Label. As proof (no pun intended), it was the only liquor that we managed to have 2 bottles of in our bar, save for some Cuervo. It just so happens that Johnnie Walker Black Label is turning 100 this year, and we find this a cause for celebration.

Since its launch in 1909, the Black Label has become a name synonymous with quality and refinement; it’s an iconic brand, to say the least. To commemorate the centennial, Johnnie Walker is breaking out his pimp stick and taking his game to a whole new level. At present, the brand is offering an opulent all black, limited-edition, gold-embossed, 100th anniversary square bottle just for the occasion. You can get one too for a very reasonable $50. Check with your local purveyor of finer spirits for availability.

Editor’s Tip: If you’re celebrating and raising your drink for a toast, why not raise a free Johnnie Walker limited-edition rocks glass (+$2.50 S&H)? Unless you got a set of these, it’s better than your coffee mug.

Cost: $50