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17 Blu-Ray Movies Under $10


How familiar does this sound? Now that you’ve upgraded the home theater to include Blu-Ray in the mix (right?), you’re bemoaning the fact that these glorious high definition movies are expensive, on average, when compared to their enhanced definition DVD counterparts. As a result, you’ve been hesitant to build any sort of collection and therefore underutilized the home theater potential you coughed up your hard earned dough to get in the first place. If that rings true for you, know that you’re not alone and that we understand. So to help out, we did some leg work to show you there are still quite a few Blu-Ray movies to own (that aren’t Wal-Mart bargain bin selections), which all cost under $10 bucks. Read on to find out what they are and start planning your collection acquisitions accordingly.

2001: A Space Odyssey (Blu-Ray)

2001_a_space_odysseyTouted as a masterpiece in film, seeing Hal’s glowing red light and dizzying donut space ships in 1080p is sure to revamp the entire viewing experience. Remember this film is all about visuals, considering in contains barely 40 minutes of dialogue in a 139-minute film.

Cost: $8.99

A Clockwork Orange (Blu-Ray)

a_clock_work_orange_blurayAnother, far darker Kubrick classic, you’ll never see the jolly tune of “Singing in the Rain” in the same light again after one viewing. Plus it does provide some good inspiration for equally creepy costume ideas. Halloween is just around the corner.

Cost: $9.99

American History X (Blu-Ray)

american_history_x_blu_rayThis stirring tale documenting the lessons learned through the taught race and gang relations in LA is an uncensored reflection of what hate can look like. In some scenes you may not actually care for added high definition clarity, but this disc will bring it to you anyway.

Cost: $9.99

American Psycho (Blu-Ray)

american_psycho_blu_rayBusiness cards, suits, 5-star restaurants, clear rain coats, axes, and nail guns…which of these things doesn’t belong? This cult classic would lead you to believe they all make sense, particularly when paired with Phil Collins, and Whitney Houston. Christian Bale’s brooding genius is on full force here.

Cost: $9.99

Crash (Blu-Ray)

crash_blu_rayThis best picture winner can be summed up in one phrase. What goes around, comes around, even for Ludacris. Guess that ends any arguments about stars living above the law. Everything happens for a reason.

Cost: $9.99

The Graduate (Blu-Ray)

the_graduate_blu_rayBefore the term “cougar” ever enter the popular vernacular, Dustin Hoffman was learning all about them, one in particular. We’re amazed it took him until Rain Man to develop a stutter.

Cost: $9.99

Halloween (Blu-Ray)

halloween_blu-rayIf you’re a little confused with all the remakes going around, we assure you this is the original, complete with Jamie Lee Curtis looking true to her Hermaphrodite self and the eerie simple piano line. Perfect for late October, invite friends over and scratch your head about how this could spawn an empires worth of sequels…all while cowering in the corner.

Cost: $9.99

Lethal Weapon (Blu-Ray)

lethal_weapon_blurayIn the first of 4 to eventually hit screens, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover made a great comedic pair that has been imitated often, but never duplicated. This of course was before the Australian stars DUI’s and unsavory remarks. If you can forgive him, check it out again and recall why he became famous enough to make Braveheart…and cough..Apocolypto.

Cost: $9.50

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