Once Again, The Pearl Jam You Know and Love

Backspacer by Pearl Jam

pearl-jam-backspacer-album-coverIn what might qualify as one of Pearl Jam’s best albums of the past decade (subjectively), Backspacer proves that the grunge group has evolved in their sound (hints of new wave) while holding true to their roots in rock. This is also Pearl Jam’s first self-released album and isn’t encumbered by any studio meddling. We’re all for outspoken political debate, but it appears with Obama in the White House, Vedder has decided to focus less energy on anti-Bush sentiment and more in crafting the types of songs for which Pearl Jam is renown.

“Force of Nature”, “Speed of Sound” (not Coldplay), and “Got Some” are notable standouts. If you’re feeling old school, we hear Target is even stocking Backspacer in vinyl ($20).

Cost: $19 | $12 (Release: Oct 13, 2009)