Smooth Skin from Bump Patrol

Shaving With Bump Patrol


Shaving is an art; it’s a male ritual to be appreciated, never rushed. We here at Gear Patrol take great pleasure in shaving, and, when the opportunity came to test a new shaving product, we jumped at the opportunity.

Bump Patrol (no relation to Gear Patrol, but rather, confirms that patrols of all sorts are awesome) makes a variety of shave products such as gels and aftershaves. We dispatched one of our own to face field test their latest shave gel and aftershave. What follows is that man’s tale of shaving glory.

To test these products I ran some hot water, queued up some good jazz music, and prepped my Mach 3. I typically prefer creams and a big nostalgic Santa Clause-esce style lather over shave gels.  I’ve had bad luck with gels in the past because they generally do not lather and clear gel led to missed spots. When I grabbed a dab of Bump Patrol and rubbed it on my cheek I had instant cooling lather; my faith in shave gels restored.

Now truth be told, my facial hair is quite average. It grows pretty thoroughly across my face and, in order to look sharp, daily shaving is required. Some men have issues with bumps (inflamed hair follicles due to shaving) and ingrown hairs which can also be a challenge. The beauty of Bump Patrol is the fact that it works on faces of all sorts. Many of their products center around men with sensitive skin or bumps, yet I found the products to work beautifully on my “average” face.

I experimented with the aloe vera gel on my left cheek and the cool menthol shave gel on my right. Both gels lathered up nicely, and it didn’t take much to apply to my face. The aloe vera gel was a clear gel that felt quite soothing, and the cool gel came out a deep blue color that smelled great. I really can’t pick a favorite between the two, but I’ll say that both gels provided a wonderful shave.

Upon completion of the shave I moved on to Bump Patrol’s aftershave.  Although they offer many varieties of aftershave, I choose the sensitive skin aftershave. The pungent aroma I often associate with aftershave was absent from Bump Patrol, and was for the most part odorless. I applied a few drops to my hands and touched them to my freshly shaven face.  I feared I’d reenact the infamous screaming scene from Home Alone, but was satisfied with the results.

Clearly, we’re impressed with the performance of the Bump Patrol line. Have you tried Bump Patrol or have another go-to shave product? Let us know in the comments section.

Cost: $4 Shave Gel | $9 Aftershave | Retail Locations